The Reason for Using a Customs Broker for International Shipments

Customs Broker for International Shipping

While international shipping is inherently expensive, there are several reasons to justify the expense of hiring a broker. Three reasons to employ a customs broker when exporting internationally.

Quiet Mind

They assist you in navigating the miles of paperwork and red tape associated with overseas shipments. Have you ever taken a flight that was not domestic? Remember the headache of clearing customs, particularly if you carried any items from another country? Consider importing a complete storage container’s worth of stuff! While some shipments will be more complicated than others, there will always be a plethora of laws and requirements to follow.

Over the last two centuries, our Capitol Hill friends have taken pleasure in making the import and export of products a total misery. The customs code for the United States is inches thick. A customs broker can keep all of that coding and regulatory complexity hidden from view and thought. A broker will assist you in clearing your products through customs.

Regulatory Changes on a Regular Basis

As if federal import and export rules weren’t complicated enough, hundreds of pieces of legislation are introduced each year that alter how our customs and border operations are conducted. A customs broker’s task is to comprehend trade regulations and processes and to remain current on industry and legislative developments. They must constantly update their knowledge of customs and tariff regulations.

Customs brokers participate in continuing education seminars, as well as customs conferences and events, to stay current on rules and tariff schedules. They carefully monitor Congress for modifications to or adjustments to such regulations. The majority of customs brokers have tight relationships with several government departments that have a vested interest in expediting importations.

While you may have previously delivered abroad, there is a high possibility that circumstances have changed since that shipment. If you think the procedure will be same to the prior time, your shipment will almost certainly be detained at customs for weeks, if not months! Attempt to avoid this. Employ a customs broker to relieve you of the burden of staying current on federal trade rules.

Organize Paperwork

An overseas shipping entails an abundance of documentation that may truly boggle the mind. To successfully manage a shipment, you must be knowledgeable with exchange rates, assessments, and the correct classification of your goods. This knowledge is held by a broker.


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